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เผื่อ Nao จะได้อ่าน.....
I just read about Kagrra's disband news(so late...). And I am so shocked about it.

My tear flows from my eyes since I saw the "Close" word in the official site with Bonus track (Sakura ~Saikai no Hana" Instrument... I think )that use for ending of their live.

My long lasting dream in my life is joining my favorite band which is Kagrra is the one in those bands.

Others' dream my be to doctor , to be star , to be millionaire but me...just joining the live is my dream.

If you read my previous entry, you will see that I write about Flight Attendant course that I study.

I have to work hard during attend university (My family is not rich, I am Thai not Japanese so it's so expensive for me to go there)

because I want to be the Flight attendant and can join LIVE.

I want to be the flight attendant because I want to join Live as much as I can.

I will graduate on 3rd March 2011. And that day is the last live day of Kagrra.

Ha Ha Ha

Why they do like this ?

I do everything for what?

Dont get me wrong, I dont blame them, I just sad.

My favorite member is Nao, I really wanna meet him.


I have known and love Kagrra and Nao since I was 15 years old and now I am 22 years old.

ah also Dragon Head,,, I like this song so much

I love Urei at first time that I heard. I like to be laid back , close my eyes and listen it.

In Thai, there is no copy right copies sold here, I bought "Miyako" from the Japanese music shop and like track no.9 (rip from CD no named).

I ordered everything about them LIVE, Video clip, album and etc.

I like "Hisai" Live DVD that has the backstage of live with Kisai

and Back stage in
black and white color with Ouka ranman in what DVD live ah...I cant remember

Ouka Ranman makes me feel miss you ,wanna go Japan and cry many times.

It's easier to ask me what song that you dont like than ask about the song that I like.

Himawari , Chikai no tsuki, Kirameki, Yuki Koi Uta, Ouka ranman, Sayonara , Kaze, Arishihi no bishou,
Omou, Gen ei no katachi, Uruurara , Sakura , Tsurezure Nura Mama (like solo so much),
Shigatsu Tsuitachi, Miyako Track 9, A, sa, ki, yu, me, mi, shi , Sou , Yume izuru chi, Tsumi To Batsu, Rin, Tsuki ni kurakumo , Kotodama, Kisai

These song available in my players all the time since I got the file (player : before iPod I use creative USB and transfer song to iPod, that time iPod just launch and I saw Akky(not sure) use it in Video)

That time
I try to download Kagrra no su since 1st episode until around 40 something although I have no internet a

I love you guys ,,,Aishiteiru yo

ha ha

I cant meet all of you, why dont you wait for me , I am graduating .

Yes I know , I cant influence to you , not involve with you.

Just only me, you did not do anything.

I love you by myself. ha ha

What will I alive for?

I respect their decision and hoping they will start the new thing successfully in the way that each one like to do. I will pray for them and thank them for composing and playing the gorgeous songs for me

Thank you for your songs that make me feel good every time that I listen.

Thank you for standing by me when I face the despaired, sad moment although you did not do anything.

Thank you for being the motivator to make me try to do something although finally it will not success.

I still hope to see you , meet you and sing your songs with you.

Good Luck!! Ganbatte kudasai !!
You are in my heart forever. You are great memory for me...
Naoran ,, I love you




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Hello Shinsuke, how are you now? Yes, you don't know me but your entry's just so sad that I want to know if you're ok by now. It's so good that Nao-san and Sin-san come back as PLAYERS. Continue supporting them, yeah?

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